– The Vbos property brand was developed by Kingroup in the early 1998s. As a multinational real estate brand, VBoss employees always remind themselves to do their best to improve the quality of life for everyone. Head office is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. With the diversified core business activities of VBoss including: consulting, designing, executing real estate projects, resort property. Always dedicated to helping people create a healthy living environment, the ideal is the guideline of KingGroup Group. Most recently, Kingroup Corporation has focused on expanding its assets. Introducing resort real estate projects to Vietnam and providing advanced AI 4.0 technology property management services.

– Always pursuing excellence in real estate consulting services since its inception, the group now has more than 1,000 real estate and land brokers and the main areas of activity are the United States, Vietnam, Australia and Singapore. With a team of good specialists, prestigious townhouse projects, reliable quality villas and dedicated services, Kingroup real estate brand has achieved a good reputation and increasing social influence.

– The great financial success of King group Vietnam has enabled it to contribute to society, especially in the property project sector. King Group Inc was awarded the title “Responsible Enterprise, Contributing to the Society by the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City” and “Top 60 most influential enterprises in Vietnam” by the People’s Committee of HCMC. Looking to the future, The King Group Joint Stock Company will expand into more fields and broader areas, while continuing to maintain the values ​​that determine its success as “Integrity, Determination and openness”. King Group Viet nam will always endeavor to pursue excellence in all its jobs. Kingroup’s staff believe that this is the best way to achieve today’s satisfaction and continue to succeed in high-end villa projects in the future.

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